Shaping up for the next race – Buying a Rowing Machine

I’m almost 2 weeks into my 10-week official program. Last Saturday, I ran 4 miles—farther than I have run in more than 12 years. Tomorrow, I’ll do it again by running 5 miles. Total for this week will be 15 miles. Next week is just 1 mile more, but then I start increasing weekly mileage by either 2 or 3 miles until I reach 26 miles in a week with a 12-mile Saturday run. The official training started on a good note—rain. Fortunately, it was Labor Day, so I could wait until the temperature came up before running. In the early afternoon, when it reach the low 70s, I set out. The 3-mile run flew by and the rain was actually quite refreshing.

It has been relatively cool since then. I’m still running mornings, but I think evenings will start to be an option within the next couple of weeks. I really don’t like getting up a half-hour early to get in the run. I’m much happier running in the evening and it also helps me keep my eating to a minimum, since I can’t get too weighed down before a run, so I eat less during the day. I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far, but I have a lot more that should come off before the race. I am also thinking of buying a rowing machine so that I can work out more effectively. There are so many benefits of using a rowing machine for runners like me. In this post I will mention about the benefits and how to do exercise on a rowing machine. I will also mention tips to buy a high quality rowing machine in UK.

Why I want to use rowing machine

Rowing Machine is a great tool which we are able to use to grow our muscles effectively. There are many benefits of using this kind of tool in our body building process. Well, I believe that having a great body shape is the dream of everyone because we will be able to look more interesting with a good body shape. However, building our body to have great body shape is not easy. It is able to be a very difficult job for many people, but I will tell you that it is not an impossible job to do. For you who do not find the successful way to build your body, in this article I want to share with you about a great tool which will effectively help you to have a great body shape. The tool is the rowing machine muscles.

Rowing Machine 2018Do you know that there are many benefits which you will able to have by using the rowing machine muscles? Well, there are some significant benefits which you can get from training using the tool or machine. You are able to burn a lot of calories using the machine. The machine will build your muscles as well as your power and stamina. Training with rowing machine will make you not only get great body shape which is tight but also will make your power and stamina stronger. No similar to weight lifting which mostly concern on building your muscles, the rowing machine muscles also train you to have stronger power and better stamina so you will not only have great body shape but also strong body.

Besides, the machine is also considered as very effective in building some muscles. Here are some muscles which will be built by the routine training with the rowing machine. Biceps are known as the major muscles which are located in the upper of your arms. You will be able to build your biceps well with this machine. Then, your shoulders will also be trained well with this machine. You will also be able to grow your quads which are the major muscles which you have in your thighs well using the machine. Your gluteus muscles will also be trained when you use the machine. You also could have great back muscles with the machine. And the parts which are also very important that you will be able to train well with the rowing machine muscles are your lungs and heart.

How to workout using a rowing machine

Exercise is not only important for your physical health, but also for your self esteem. Imagine that you have the perfect figures like those celebrities, you must have been feeling great about yourself, but on the other hand, if your body is full of fat, then you may not thing that you are good enough and your self esteem is low. However, in this busy world, it may be quite difficult to find the time we need to spend long hours in the gym. Your trainers and physicians may be asking you to be in a good and healthy diet, but then you will not be able to get the best shape. After all, firm bodies come from exercise. If you are put in the situation, then your solution is the rowing machine workouts.

With only 20 minutes rowing machine workouts you will be able to burn a big mount of 200 calories. And if you are using this machine only, then you will not need to wait in line in the gym to use different equipments, in which during the waiting you may already loose your mood. The rowing machine workouts also burn up to 50% more calories when compared to the other workout equipments. It is also proven to be a more effective way of strengthening almost all of your muscles in the shoulder to calve area. If you never try it, then maybe it is the right time to start. After all, engaging yourself in a tight exercise schedule will be useless if at the end you will not be able to follow it. Do something that is reasonable for you to give the best result.

There are a number of models of rowing machines available for your rowing machine workouts. You need to be able to define your own objective before you now which is the most suitable for you. However, if you are unsure because there may not seem to be lots of difference, you should contact your trainers. This will ensure that you will have the firm body of your dream without any help of the chemicals diet that may be harmful for you. The chemicals contained in your diet may be giving you an undesirable side effect to your health and in addition, your body may be slimmer and lost some of its weight but it is not getting firmer like when you are engaging yourself in a discipline routine of exercise.

My favorite rowing machine

Stamina 1205 precision rower is a great rowing machine to do cardiovascular exercise. Rowing machine today is many used in commercial gym and home exercise equipment because this device provides many health benefits for your body. In addition, it is also capable to burn more calories to help you reduce your weight. Of course it will be a great device to help you get a healthier and slimmer body. The precision rower from Stamina is among the best rowing machine in the market. It comes with plenty features to make the users much more convenience of doing their exercise. In addition, it is also offered at reasonable price that makes people easy to buy rowing machine.

The major features or stamina 1205 precision rower are including ball bearing rolling system, fitness monitor track speed, smooth hydraulic cylinder action, and thick padded seat for comfortable seating. These features will guarantee your convenience of exercise. Actually, there are still many more features are offered by this rowing machine. This machine also comes in standard size. It is not too small or too large. It is measured at 32,5 inches by 27.75 inches by 48 inches with 47 pounds of weight.

The dimension of the stamina 1205 precision rower has been making this machine will be fit in any room, especially for small room. If you have a limited space for workout, the 1205 precision rowing from stamina will be a great option to choose since it comes in a compact footprint. Although it comes in small size, it offers same terrific workout just like machines that have twice its size. This machine mimics smooth motion of rowing. The padded seat glides on ball bearing roller system. Hydraulic cylinder helps adjusting rowing arms whose resistance. Foam grips will keep your hands comfortable and stable while doing the exercise.

There is also multifunction fitness monitor that will keep you motivated to reach your goal of exercise. The monitor is also showing your distance, time, speed, calories, burned, and stroke count. Most of the users of stamina 1205 precision rower are very happy with pivoting footplates and thick padded seat that provide extra comfort and support when they are working out. Other attractive features offered by stamina 1205 precision rower are including silver steel frame, extruded aluminum beam, 90 day warranty for parts, and five year warranty for the frame. Of course, the features offered by this machine make you are reasonable to buy this machine.

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