The Backpacking Essentials for Hiking

The continental US and its outlying territories are bursting with possibilities in its many mountains, valleys, beaches and forests. There’s so much more than just fishing. From east to west you can find extreme adventures as well as low-key endeavors. The Great Outdoors offers endless possibilities. Through online and magazine reviews you can find out some of the best vacation ideas and maybe even learn about some hidden treasures. In this post I will be discussing about how you can prepare yourself for hiking and what basic essentials you should pack before going for hiking.

Backpack Basics

There’s nothing like a backpacking holiday for discovering the world and your own ability to enjoy it. Tour the world, go where the wind takes you, and enjoy feeling as though you’re free to visit whichever destination takes your fancy, backpacking makes it all possible – as long as you’re well prepared.

Setting off on a backpacking holiday and then discovering you don’t have any of the essentials you need, or that your backpack is far too heavy for you to carry, is sure to soon put a dampener on your fun. Pack smart and ensure you’ve got just enough to survive, and not so much you’re going to topple over under the weight.

Packing the essentials

There are some things you don’t want to have to do without when you’re backpacking, don’t leave any of these essentials out.

A first aid kit: It’s always wise to make sure you travel with a few first aid essentials. Include painkillers, plasters, sterile dressings and antiseptic cream, as well as things such as bug repellent or bite creams.

A sleeping bag: Even if you plan on staying in hostels during your trip, a sleeping bag is a must have. You may find that the sheets and duvets you’re offered are either suspect or insufficient, and you’ll be very grateful for your sleeping bag. Choose a modern model you can roll up tightly and attach to your backpack.

Trekking poles: A trekking pole may be needed if you are going to destination where the terrain is rough and there is lot of climbing. Most hiking are tough on your knees, a trekking poles help the weight to distribute evenly to your arms and shoulders. A trekking poles are also helpful for many other purposes likes river crossings and making tents and shelter. But you need to buy a good trekking poles that can withstand your weight on uneven terrain.

Head gear: Be sure you have some good headgear. A baseball cap or other style with a good brim will serve you well in both sunny and rainy countries. It’s also a good idea to bring a head covering for visiting some countries, as women are expected to cover their hair in places such as Iran or Saudi Arabia.

A metal water bottle: carry your own water canister that you can fill up whenever you have a chance. The plastic in disposable water bottles degrades over time, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have your own high-quality option.

Plastic dining utensils: Make sure you’re never caught short when eating alone, pack a lightweight bowl and set of cutlery that will help you eat cheaply when you’re on the road.

Passport and travel document protector: Find something that will help you carry all of your travel documents safely and securely – there’s no point searching for cheap flights and planning a travel budget if you make it easy for someone to steal your important bits and pieces – one you can conceal on your body is best.

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